04 Dec

8 Powerful Ways To Overcome Resistance and Build Your Business Fast


Don’t Give Resistance a Chance

We all face the daily urge to resist tasks we don’t want to do—it’s part of our neurology. Unfortunately, the very real downside to this tendency is that business success in is limited by how much you allow resistance to rule your decisions, albeit your actions.

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Think about it for a minute; what are the opportunity costs of giving in to resisting tasks that we know will make positive changes for us in our business?  How much revenue are we leaving on the table by avoiding certain things like making sales calls, writing blog posts, messaging ideal clients and so on?

One of the best ways to lessen the effect of resistance is to look at it objectively and view the number of ways it can manifest in your day.  What busy activities are you doing to put off what you know you really want to get done?  You might think to yourself, “Hmm, isn’t that interesting? I think about making those phone calls and the visual of pounding my head on the desk comes to mind.  Or just one Chai latte from Starbucks and then I’ll get to work.  But do you?  We will do a number of things to get out of doing the thing we are resisting.

Resistance Is The Weak Link In Your Business

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Successfully handling resistance is vitally important for a number of reasons.  For one, resistance leads to procrastination and when you procrastinate, we all know the tape that plays beneath the surface all day long…”I have to get this thing done”.  Ugh.  This constant tape plagues us with guilt, is annoying, depletes our energy and finally puts us in a lousy state of mind.  The momentum of our day has just spiraled downwards whether we are aware of it or not.

What an energy drain this is all because we are fighting with ourselves and losing the internal battle.  Imagine that same resistant energy being harnessed into the report you want to write, the sales call that’s on your list, the design you want to finish—you could create something pretty powerful right?

Here Are 8 Ways To Beat Resistance

1. Become aware.  

Write in your journal first thing in the morning.  Really analyze yourself and figure out why you are resisting things that you know will  set you up for success.

2. Understand yourself

In your journaling, dig deep over time and figure out your “why.  As you dig deeper, you may even discover that your why is something completely different than you thought it was.  Good to know.

Ask yourself what values you are honoring by completing your goals or conversely, resisting working on your goals.  Is the end game you seek even that important to you?  Don’t be afraid to explore all possibilities.

3. Gain clarity

Know what it is you want to do and why.  Then set a strong intention each day to reach your goals and complete your tasks.

4. Commit to staying on course

Look at the big picture once, document it and then stick with a step by step plan.  If you are tempted by rabbit holes, notice it and refocus on your step by step plan; have faith that the vision you set forth is there—you don’t have to reinvent it, just keep taking small steps and moving forward.

5. Get organized

Start your work day by organizing yourself.  A cluttered environment is lethal to creating clarity and the desire to accomplish anything.  Take the time to organize your documents, your desk, your white board; whatever you use to get work done, create professionalism around you.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

6. Create a plan

Determine what it is you want your business to look like in the next one, three and five years.  Document it and create a plan to get there.  

7. Create project lists

Identify your three top projects; I call them rocks.  Break those rocks into small goals and identify three small goals that you absolutely must complete that day.  These project lists are your road map—be determined to stick to this map for a minimum of one month.  If after that time you need to course correct, do so, make new lists and get right back on track.

8. Commit to success

Where will you be in five years if you don’t overcome resistance to getting things done in your business?  If this doesn’t worry you, then go back and take another look at your “why”.  Your why is the genesis of accomplishing your goals and a weak why will lead to even weaker results.  Dig deep until you find that thing that motivates you to stay up all night. 

Passion Fuels Your Goals

Find passion for something and that passion could be making sure your kids have the best of everything.  So many experts talk about finding passion in your work; perhaps passion for you isn’t the content of the business itself, but rather for you, passion may come from having the benefits that running a successful business can provide.  Connect back to your values to learn more about your passions and what drives you in your business.

Take The First Step

When you are in a state of resistance, the biggest challenge is the first step.  Get through this and the rest is easy.  Do whatever it takes to get started.  Directed and focused small steps guarantee success.  If you are finding your resistance to be overwhelming, start with tiny actions.  For example, start by opening your computer and sit there with it.  And then maybe open a relevant document, don’t do anything with it, just observe.  Keep taking tiny actions and eventually your subconscious mind will begin to warm up and motivation to take bigger actions will come your way.

Recognize that the first step is the most challenging but avoid the urge to run away and become distracted by texts, internet, unimportant tasks, and so on.  Just be committed to the process of starting and working through the steps.  Avoiding and running away just makes it worse, and further, it reinforces the habit of resistance.

Become Mindful

And finally, use mindfulness to help you at times when you are feeling resistant.  Notice when you become resistant and acknowledge this state.  Each time you think about doing something you don’t want to do, as you pay attention to your internal dialogue and discover what triggers resistance for you, the more you will learn about yourself.  Mindfully pay attention to these subtle messages that are going on internally, and then sit, do some deep breath exercises, center yourself and enjoy your work.