Meet Rebecca

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I became an Integrated Success Coach after many years as a successful clothing designer and business owner in the fashion industry. After leaving the fashion industry, I took a deep dive inward now emerging in service to others, sharing my depth, insight and understanding with those along the journey of success and transformation.

With twenty five years as a business owner and spiritual student, I combine practical know how with transformational wisdom. I know and understand the rules of success from a multi-level perspective and I apply an integrated approach to success that works with the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

I dynamically coach my clients to move beyond what they think is possible. By knowing what it is that we really value, we will discover what it is that we want. And by aligning our thoughts and focused actions with what we want, we will begin to see magnificent results in our lives. The exciting journey has just begun.

With me on your team, you will co-create your journey using strategies, tools and techniques designed to help you develop a solid vision, create a kick-ass plan and take massive action that will have you living a life of abundance and freedom!