26 Nov

How Low Energy Is Killing Your Business

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the way in which we show up in our business energetically. 

As a business owner, don’t you notice the difference in your productivity and outcomes for the day/week when your energy is low?  Most of us just chalk low energy up to a loss of sleep, something we ate, an argument we had with our spouse, kids, etc.  

It’s okay to have energy that varies, we’re alive.  But what is not okay is being unaware of our energy, how it influences our daily outcomes and then not doing anything about it.  In other words, when we haven’t identified what our level of energy is and don’t know how to change it, we are at the effect of whatever mood of the moment gets ahold of us.  And as the saying goes, a ship without a rudder…

There is a convenient way to look at and even measure our energy.  In my coaching practice, I use the Energetic Self Perception Chart** and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)** and debrief to identify and explain what energy level my clients are predominately expressing when facing normal circumstances and also when under stress.  Make no mistake, understanding this and taking control of energy that we would otherwise be at the effect of is the first step to changing our outcomes in business albeit, in our lives.

There are two types of energy, destructive energy (catabolic) that expresses itself as self pity, low, disengaged, being at the effect of or even feeling angry, vengeful, judgmental.  This type of energy breaks things down in your world and if you don’t know how to observe and identify these levels of energy and have control over them, they will do you in, and that means trouble for your business.

The second type of energy is constructive (anabolic), getting along, feeling excited about doing what needs to get done, serving, creating, feeling inspired and manifesting and seizing opportunities.  This type of energy is what will build your business in a way that creates massive trust and productivity among your team, generates good ideas, attracts ideal clients to your business and creates a business people want to work for and clients want to work with.

What type of business do you want to create?  One that allows for finger pointing, blame, fosters negativity and bad attitudes, is a toxic environment that employees do not feel safe to express themselves in and clients are repelled by?  Or would you rather create a business that is uplifting, nurturing, supportive of ideas, builds trust and rapport, has a high level of productivity and at the top of the game?  

I think most of us would want to create a highly energetic and positive business; it just makes sense. This environment is a happier place to be for everyone, allows the space for more of the right things to get done, attracts the right clients and fosters higher employee engagement, all of which translate into greater revenue and potentially higher profits.  In other words, creates sustainability.

So as a first step, notice how you show up energetically in business.  Watch as you react to stress and observe how that changes the energy and therefore the outcomes of a given situation.  Do this awareness test for a few days.  

Remind yourself to uplevel your energy throughout the day and particularly as you are challenged, and notice what’s different in your business (and your life) over time.  Model this for your team and as the journey unfolds, you may not recognize your business in the months to come.  And overall, I’m thinking that may be a good thing.

**Bruce Schneider, Ipec Coaching

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