Uncover your deepest values, learn what holds you back, take control and direct your thoughts and energy effectively to gain positive outcomes. Start to see and feel the freedom that this self mastery brings along your journey.
Learn about the 7 levels of energy and where your average resonating level of energy resides on the Energy Chart. Learn how to shift your energy to higher levels, those levels that will attract positive outcomes to you.
Develop self awareness to give you the potential to master those challenges you face as you create the life of your dreams.
Find out what you really want, align your thoughts and actions in service to your deepest values and vision, begin to walk the path that ultimately leads to the freedom that comes from personal success and fulfillment.
Be inspired and motivated as you gain confidence, direction and start living the life of your choice, as you begin to live your life on purpose.


Power Session Packages

1 on 1 Power Sessions

Book a 90 day package (12 sessions) of 45 minute conversations centered around you and your specific objectives. This package includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) and 75 minute debrief. This is an opportunity to dive deep into self awareness as you learn to direct your thoughts in achieving positive outcomes. I will hold you accountable in taking daily/weekly actions as you set goals to achieve what it is that you desire. You can reach me anytime via email and text outside of our scheduled sessions and I will be available for (4) 15 minutes calls if you are stuck and want targeted coaching on a specific issue, or inspiration to move forward.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)

Take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) and learn about catabolic vs. anabolic thoughts and how these are influencing your life. Learn about the seven levels of energy and find out what your average resonating level of energy is. Discover ways to shift your energy upward to create more positive outcomes in your life. The ELI assessment takes 30 minutes to complete. We will then schedule a 75 minute debrief to go over your results and discuss strategies to get you to the next level.

15 Minute Power Jolt Sessions

Book a 30 to 60 day package of 15 minute motivational sessions (20 sessions). This is perfect for the person who needs a little extra daily support in conquering challenges, getting pumped up for meeting or workout, or getting help focusing for the day. This package includes the Energy Leadership Assessment (ELI) and debrief, a 90 minute Discovery call, and (2) 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Rebecca.

Book Your Complimentary Power Session