What I do as a Success Coach…

I help success driven individuals get out of their comfort zone, get out in front, become more dynamic and lead the life of their dreams.  I do this with a unique style of Integrative Success Coaching that gets the results you want in your life, your business and your career.

What Integrative Success Coaching looks like…

Our work together will be motivational and inspirational.  You will begin the coaching process by taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to determine your resonating level of  energy (ELI Assessment).  After debriefing the ELI with you, we begin each session with a short centering meditation.  As you gain awareness of your energy state over time, you will learn how to use your thoughts to direct this energy in transforming your life.    We will use several very effective tools to stop unproductive and unwanted thoughts and shift your thoughts to the outcome you desire, that’s the key.  Creation starts with thought and action follows.  To gain even greater depth, you will use visioning, journaling, intending and several other very powerful techniques to create flow in your life.

What is different about Integrative Success Coaching?

The difference between Integrative Success Coaching and other types of coaching is the practice and understanding of mindfulness combined with practical applications to success.  You will delve into the emotional and spiritual part of your self, tapping into your inner world.  This is the place where you will ultimately find clarity—the clarity that will help you see your bigger picture.  From this meta outlook, you will begin to define what it is you want, set goals and take daily actions to get you to the destination of your dreams.  I will be there to guide you and hold you accountable for taking the actions that will create your success.

Who is Integrative Success Coaching for?

  • If you are a person who knows that you have a greater vision, you have things to achieve but feel the traditional approach to coaching just isn’t enough, then Integrative Success Coaching may be for you.
  • If you are starved for communion with your higher self but want the success and abundance that the world has to offer, then Integrative Success Coaching might be the solution along your path to achievement and self growth.
  • Finally, if you crave deep connection with who it is that YOU are and are excited about the process of unfoldment, then Integrated Success Coaching is for you!